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We specialise in the outsourcing of accounting services to various business entities - public limited companies (AS), private limited companies (OÜ), general partnerships (TÜ), limited partnerships (UÜ), sole proprietorships - and non-profit associations. We have strong professional skills and solid experience in financial and tax accounting.


V&O Outsourcing & Consulting

Moreover, we offer businesses advice on financial, taxation and accounting matters taking into account the interests and needs of your business entity. We also provide services relating to actions carried out through the Commercial Register. We guarantee confidentiality of your business information.

We work with business entities operating in various areas of activity: wholesale and retail trade, production, sports, construction, transportation, IT, etc.

Our enterprise is located in Tallinn, but our practice shows that thanks to the modern means of communication we can easily work with organisations across Estonia. Our clients enjoy high quality services and individual approach depending on their wishes and resources. The accounting documentation and information is submitted by arrangement via email , regular post, Google Drive or DropBox. You can come to our office or, if necessary, we can collect the documents ourselves.

We seek long-term partnership relations and successful cooperation with our current and future clients. There are businesses that have been our clients for over 20 years and we value highly such loyalty.

We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation!

Options we offer

We will be glad to see you in our office. We also provide consultations over the phone and via e-mail or we can come and visit you in person!

Our offer

During the first month, our accounting services are FREE to our new clients!

Our principles

Precision, accuracy and professionalism coupled with affordable prices and promptness!


We are always glad to offer you affordable prices for accounting services because we how important it is to minimise the expenses of your business. The prices for accounting services depend on the volume and nature of the services offered which are characterised by the following parameters: the number of documents and the procedure for their flow, the sphere of operation and the number of employees, the amount of assets, warehouse accounting, the number of reports and the frequency of their submission not regulated by law.

Our clients can choose from among three options:
1) negotiated monthly or quarterly payment;
2) payment by the hour;
3) payment depending on the number of source documents.

Negotiated monthly or quarterly payment is suitable for businesses with a stable workload. If the workload increases or decreases considerably, a different price can be negotiated.
Payment by the hour is recommended to start-ups with a small volume of documentation and a small number of reports required, for instance, for those undertakings which are not VAT payers and which only submit annual reports to the Commercial Register.
The third option is to determine the workload based on the number of source documents. Source documents include the following: sales and purchase invoices, cheques, banks transfers, credit and debit slips, write-off reports, goods or fixed assets acceptance reports, contracts, documents confirming export or import, business trip reports.
This option is preferable for businesses with unstable patterns of work, for instance seasonal or beginning companies. The price for accounting services directly depends on the number of source documents in one calendar month and, in the case of small business not liable to pay VAT, in one quarter. Services price list

Valentin Kichkerkin

Valentin Kichkerkin

V&O Outsourcing & Consulting TÜ

V&O Outsourcing & Consulting TÜ




V&O Outsourcing & Consulting TÜ

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Valentin Kichkerkin

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